Rotterdam – Nieuw Kralingen

A housing location is being developed in Nieuw Kralingen. The spatial parameters have already been defined in the area vision and zoning plan. The plans focus heavily on sustainability both during the construction and use phase.

The Nieuw Kralingen district wants to be a frontrunner in the circular economy. For that reason, circularity is a key element of the sustainability ambition for the area development programme. The focus is on restricting the use of material, extending the lifetime and designing to encourage the reuse of high-quality raw materials from waste and residual flows, both at architecture and urban development level. Other ambitions are to reduce the use of toxic substances and to deliver a positive impact on biodiversity.

Circular strategies will be implemented at different levels and in different ways. For example, wood from the trees that will have to be cut down will be used for playground equipment and in designing the outdoor space; material from demolition will be used for the design and eventual construction of the district; concrete granulate will be used in building blocks and residual material will be supplied to the recycle DIY centre.

Alongside the municipal authorities, local residents and project developers are involved in the project. Local residents will be involved from the initial design-initial planning phase, project developers will be responsible for the design and the municipality will provide overall supervision.

The wishes and ideas of potential buyers will be mapped out and in dialogue with the residents, the principles will be embedded in the project. There are ambitions aimed at creating inclusive workplaces, but the results are not yet known.

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