Rotterdam – Central District

The Rotterdam Central District is the area around Rotterdam station. The municipality aims to restructure this area based on the principles of energy neutrality, circularity and climate adaptation. During the restructuring process, subprojects will be organised that challenge the various stakeholders to contribute to these objectives. Buildings will be sustainably renovated and used for business service providers and flexible lease concepts. High-rise residential concepts and hotels will also be added. Financing will be a mixture of public and private funds.

The ambition lies in the development of a Global District; an urban living laboratory that creates space for start-ups and large companies to experiment and to interact. Together they will be the feeding ground for innovation. To make this possible the municipal authorities will work on the basis of three themes: connection, sharing and sustainability. Sustainability will concentrate on urban resilience, clean power, a solid and innovative economy and sustainable building. There will also be attention for urban compaction?? which will prevent further urbanisation.

The tender for the Delftseplein area encourages circularity on the basis of assessment criteria. Outdated offices will be renovated to make them more suitable for businesses and residential use. Waste will be used as a raw material on a limited scale, by the businesses themselves.


The Municipality of Rotterdam is working alongside the Rotterdam Central District Association (Vereniging RCD) and occupies a different role in each subproject, from initiator through to supervisor. As well as the municipality, local residents, schools, businesses and project developers are also involved in the restructuring of the Rotterdam Central District. All parties are stakeholders in the area development programme, sometimes as building or land owners. Other parties are established in the area and have an interest in ensuring that the area remains attractive for employees.

As yet the area is not heavily populated, but any residents are represented in a sounding board group via owners’ associations. The construction work, the addition of further office space and the running of the offices, housing and facilities are expected to create hundreds of jobs.

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