Haarlemmermeer – Schiphol Trade Park

Schiphol Trade Park (STP) consists of 6 establishment environments that mutually complement one another. The municipal council has announced the ambition of making the STP the most sustainable business estate in Western Europe. The Municipality of Haarlemmermeer fulfils a series of different roles within this area development programme, from land owner through to partnership. All investments are made via the Joint Operating Company (Gemeenschappelijke Exploitatie Maatschappij, GEM) for STP. The municipality holds 41% of the shares in the GEM. The total investments amount to 401 million euro, with an intended yield of 449 million euro.

The area must become ‘self-sufficient’. As a consequence, ambitions for the reuse of materials in public space, the generation of a small footprint, circular tendering, self-management, lease or product service systems and sustainability requirements for businesses wishing to set up shop here have been set sky high. The area will serve as a test location and demonstration area. In addition to the ambitions in the field of sustainability and circularity already referred to, there is considerable focus on social sustainability, too. This means specific attention for health, comfort and improved access in the form of peak traffic avoidance, encouraging alternative transport and the flexible use of space.

The goal is to reduce power consumption, the use of materials and toxic substances and to strengthen biodiversity. This has not yet been fully quantified. Power generation and the water system will be structured at area level, with as much as possible carried out on the site itself.

The area has a 4-star BREEAM rating (at this location 5 stars were unachievable due to the proximity of Schiphol). The parties aim to maintain this score. Circularity will play a major role in tendering procedures, in particular for the infrastructure and for lease and service systems. Materials have to be renewable, have a long lifecycle and/or be produced from reused materials.


The Joint Operating Company (GEM) is responsible for the development. The shareholders in the company are the Municipalities of Haarlemmermeer and Amsterdam, Schiphol real estate and the Province of Noord-Holland. The GEM is both contract-awarding party and implementing party. The role of the municipality according to both public and private law will as far as possible be separated.

The project will offer local residents sufficient space to consult and contribute ideas via the Expo, part of which has been geared to cater for interested parties. The development will create temporary jobs and new business and work locations. This has not yet been quantified in this phase. The plan does not immediately entail activities for people estranged from the labour market, but does indirectly offer opportunities for them.

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