Haarlemmermeer – Area development Lincolnpark

The municipality is developing the new Lincolnpark district as a circular district for the future. In 2018, Lincolnpark is still in the project planning stage, whereby the municipal authorities have set the course, and laid down the project description. The municipality is currently investing in the preparation and implementation costs for preparing the 32 hectares of land for building and subsequent occupation, for around 800 homes.

The various stakeholders aim to achieve an impact at the level of the ecological system by reducing CO2 emissions, reducing the use of materials and toxic substances and boosting ecology and biodiversity. Following their construction as removable material deposits, the buildings in Lincolnpark will be suitable for a variety of functions; the water system will be climate proof; the created environment will boost biodiversity; and the buildings will contribute to ecosystem services. The parties responsible for the construction work will work together smartly in the supply chain. These ambitions have been formulated in parallel to the master classes in circular tendering procedures provided by Platform31. The Green Paper on circular area development was drawn up in part on the basis of insights generated within the Lincolnpark project.

The ambition is to work with renewable resources.During the tendering phase, the municipal authorities will challenge developers to be ambitious in their use of materials. Renewable raw materials, a long lifecycle and the use of waste as raw materials are all potential solutions. Within the development, Total Cost of Ownership and lease or buy and buy-back schemes have been introduced to encourage the use of other materials, and to increase the impact.

The municipal authorities have involved various parties in the preparation phase, including builders, housing corporations, architects, urban planners, consultancy firms, experts, utilities companies and the water board, all of whom have been invited to submit ideas. The municipality wishes to lay down the framework, while leaving considerable freedom to the market parties to develop smart solutions during the tendering procedure.

As a new-build project, the area currently has no residents. (Potential) future residents can however contribute their ideas at an early stage, via resident consultation sessions. Lincolnpark will create temporary jobs, and provide work locations for the future. In the preparation phase, the provision of specific assistance to people estranged from the labour market is not part of the project.

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