Dordrecht – Campus development Leerpark

The Leerpark is a breeding ground for government, education and enterprises at the interface between innovation and sustainability. The activities on the Leerpark deliver a direct contribution to training professionals for the regional labour market, strengthening the international competitive position of the area in terms of innovation and attracting young professionals. The municipal authorities are partners to the Leerpark cooperative, and together with education are investing 60 million euro.

The ambition is to further develop the Leerpark into a full-scale campus where learning, sustainable innovation, enterprise and housing are successfully combined. The eventual goal is to work together towards a sustainable future for the economy of the Drechtsteden region. A development and experimental space will be established for education and training based on the local heat network and sustainable power supply. This ties in with the regional energy strategy.

Within the Duurzaamheidsfabriek, practice-based work will be undertaken via the hybrid learning system (between education and the private sector) whereby students and entrepreneurs are able to jointly make use of a variety of test facilities. Furthermore, the 4th floor of the Duurzaamheidsfabriek was laid out to be fully circular in 2012, in collaboration with Thomas Rau, making use of product-service systems, such as the furniture.

The strategy for the new campus development is based on creating an attractive environment for start-up companies, improved accessibility, sustainable area development and attracting higher education. The location offers space to sustainable entrepreneurs, for example a business with a 3D printer that manufactures new products from (plastic) waste. The Municipality of Dordrecht acts as contract-awarding party and facilitator in the entire campus development.

In and around the Duurzaamheidsfabriek, people with disabilities are employed for catering and facility services. In addition, students are actively involved in a variety of projects that they subsequently implement in collaboration with the private sector.

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