Den Haag – Circular area development De Binckhorst

De Binckhorst is a former industrial area where housing is currently being developed. For the realisation of this project, core values have been drawn up including the creation of experimental space for the circular economy. Knowledge institutions have also developed a research programme (ACCEZ).

The municipal authorities aim to turn De Binckhorst into a (potentially temporary) experimental space for the circular economy. This will be undertaken with a focus on reducing the consumption of water and material.

The municipality is contract-awarding party and licence-awarding party for the area development of De Binckhorst. Alongside the municipality, the province, central government, businesses and project developers are also involved.


Where the province contributes above all knowledge, the municipal authorities are working together with central government as part of a pilot scheme within the Crisis and Recovery Act to develop a broad scope zoning plan for the area.

Whereas the municipal authorities do not directly involve residents in the circular area development at De Binckhorst, there is involvement on a project basis via enterprises and start-ups. The circular area development at De Binckhorst will create dozens of jobs.

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