Den Haag – Circular Coalition

The coalition is a group of seven Hague-based companies and institutions from the sectors trade, construction & real estate and (government) service, that recognise the importance and impact of the transition to the circular economy. The organisations that make up the coalition are together examining how a circular economy would look in The Hague, by developing initiatives on a local scale. The municipal authorities are investing 200,000 euro per year in the coalition.

By 2050, The Hague aims to be the leading circular city of the Netherlands. From 2019 onwards, organisation-overarching initiatives will be developed each year, to contribute to a circular The Hague. In that process, cooperation will be deliberately sought between local businesses and start-ups, with a view to reducing the use of material.

The coalition is a collaborative venture to generate projects. The initiative has an indirect effect on the completion of raw material cycles and developing new business models. The Municipality of The Hague is a participant in the coalition.


Alongside the municipal authorities, central government, businesses and social organisations are also involved in the Circular Coalition.

The coalition actively involves the residents of The Hague in its projects. Whereas the coalition as such does not create jobs, it does deliver an impulse to social start-ups aimed at creating jobs for people estranged from the labour market.

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