Apeldoorn – De Parken

De Parken in Apeldoorn is a special district with listed status[or: a protected townscape??]. Over the next five years, the roads will undergo a facelift with asphalt and concrete being replaced with paving bricks. This road project was launched in the autumn of 2017. As part of the road redevelopment, maintenance work is being carried out on the sewer system including the installation of a separate system for discharging rainwater to the ponds in the district. The municipality is investing 1.2 million euro in this development programme.

The ambition for De Parken is based on four principles, namely

  • No loss of any material currently present
  • All materials will be circular and obtained as a service
  • All materials are modular and documented
  • The neighbourhood will elaborate and carry out the work together

The municipal authorities will act as contract-awarding party for the De Parken development.

The aim is to introduce new models such as product-service systems and the circular and modular use of materials, subject to clear documentation. Waste will be avoided by reusing all existing materials from the area.

Residents are involved in the disconnection of their homes, and will be informed about the circular approach to the work. This also generates awareness and interesting discussions. It also delivers a boost to the willingness of local residents to take relevant initiatives on their own property.

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