Apeldoorn – De Maten

De Maten is a residential district in the southeast of Apeldoorn, and is a typical home zone development. Public space is becoming worn and dated due to changes in use and its age. The majority of streets, for example were laid with concrete slabs. These have emerged as being less durable than expected and many are worn. The extensive green space (Apeldoorn is one of the Netherlands’ greenest cities) requires much maintenance, which has resulted in impoverishment of the green structure.

For the Municipality of Apeldoorn, these were reasons to tackle the district according to circular principles. An initial investigation into the possibilities was undertaken by the consultancy firms Overmorgen & Must, on behalf of the Board of Government Advisors (College van Rijksadviseurs).

In area development projects, the municipal authorities are increasingly focusing on circular tendering. However, for De Maten, no specific circular ambitions have yet been defined. For that reason, the Municipality of Apeldoorn selected this district as a trial to gain a clearer picture of the possibilities offered by the transition to a circular economy for the urban revitalisation of De Maten.


There are numerous green areas within this district where maintenance work is overdue. The municipal authorities aim to tackle this situation and at the same time reuse the green facilities as far as possible. The same applies for the water present in the district. The municipality is responsible for the public space and will act as contract-awarding party for tenders and projects.

The residents of De Maten are well organised in district and neighbourhood councils. The studies undertaken have resulted in a series of scenarios in which residents play a central role, for example by formalising a District Council that is given authority over the layout of public space. Membership is open to all residents who wish to make a contribution to the circular economy and in that way obtain voting rights with regard to the investments to be made.  

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