Amsterdam – Circular Buiksloterham

Since 2017, the Municipality of Amsterdam has been developing Buiksloterham as a circular urban district. Buiksloterham is a former industrial area and is currently undergoing redevelopment to a residential-working area with a total development programme of around 1,000,000 m2 gross floor area. Amsterdam will put circular area development into practice during the vision development stage, remediation, land preparation for building, tendering and in reaching agreements with individual developers.

Within the Circular Buiksloterham programme, the municipality has set targets for the themes energy, the completion of cycles, biodiversity, quality of life and mobility. Buiksloterham is also a living lab; a district in which experimentation, research and innovation are encouraged and continuously put into practice. Culture is an integral element of the development and the economy is based on money, time and local barter systems.

The developers will wherever possible make use of new business models based around the costs for necessary investments and the possible resultant benefits. The percentages of recycled material achieved vary from development to development, from 25% up to more than 75%. In 2018, the municipality will elaborate a waste strategy based on separating waste into more fractions and improving the local high-value reuse of waste.

At the same time, the municipality is investigating its own investments and how to embed those investments in municipal policy. As well as the municipality, other parties are involved in the circular development of Buiksloterham, including central government, the local water board, local residents, businesses, project developers and social organisations.

Local residents are involved in the circular development of Buiksloterham at project level, for example in creating a sustainable building with collective services, shared mobility or sustainable self-building. The Stichting Stadslab BSH foundation has organised meet-ups between local residents and businesses to offer them an opportunity to present their projects and build networks. In 2018, the municipality will be working to reassess the vision for Buiksloterham, including the organisation of participation meetings.

The development of Buiksloterham (demolition, remediation, preparing land for building, design, implementation and research, etc.) will initially generate temporary jobs. There are also projects focusing on creating jobs for people estranged  from the labour market, such as cooperation between the housing corporation De Alliantie and the care organisation Philadelphia.

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