Venlo – Municipal Office

The Stadskantoor (Municipal Office) of the Municipality of Venlo was designed and built according to cradle-to-cradle principles. For both the municipal office and for its cradle-to-cradle activities, Venlo has received a series of nominations and awards. The municipal authority is the contract-awarding party for the Municipal Office and invested 53 million euro, resulting in annual savings of around 100,000 euro.

The building was fully designed and equipped according to the cradle-to-cradle principle. It is a calling card for circularity in Venlo and the surrounding area. The result is a 75% reduction in the costs for power, a 10% water saving and improved air quality in and around the building with up to 30% less fine particulate matter in the environment thanks to a 2000m2 green wall. No toxic materials were used in the building. A saving of 400,000 euro was achieved on material costs.

The Municipality of Venlo is the contract-awarding party and drew up a business case and tender according to its circular ambitions. The residual value of the office building is embedded in a financial system with takeback guarantees. The development was undertaken on the basis of a calculation of Total Cost of Ownership. Practically all materials in the new municipal office are circular. All the concrete, wood, steel and aluminium is non-toxic and removable and as a result fully recyclable. The same applies for the installations. The residual value of the furnishings and floor covering has been contractually set at 18% after 10 years, and can then be returned.

In the framework of the new municipal offices, the municipality has organised a cradle-to-cradle year for the local residents, educational institutions and businesses. In 2018, the cradle-to-cradle implementation rogramme was launched aimed at businesses and local residents. The entire project has generated new business establishments and led to product innovation. This has resulted in approximately 100 new jobs. The project also aims to generate social added value. The social return on investment was made a specific element of the project, and for future tendering procedures.

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