The Netherlands occupies a pioneering role in the transition towards a society based on the principles of the circular economy. According to the Dutch approach, as far as possible, work is undertaken in the form of collaboration between the private sector, knowledge institutions and government. And wherever possible on the basis of an integrated approach.

Dutch cities have access to high-quality knowledge and experience

This is showcased amongst other things by:

Dutch cities are attractive establishment locations for businesses/institutions with a circular proposition

Cities are the driving forces behind dynamic economic development and the perfect place to demonstrate social issues. Throughout the Netherlands, cities are taking up a commanding role in the circular transition. Every city or region has its own focus, so the Netherlands as a whole offers a wealth of knowledge and experience.

1. Circular Economy is solidly anchored in national and local government policy

The Netherlands is developing a new and circular economy in which there is space for businesses that can make a decisive contribution. European regulations (CE) are permanently anchored in policy (national, regional and local, see Excel).

2. Facilitating and encouraging circular business

Dutch cities encourage and facilitate businesses by offering a favourable establishment climate:

  • Identifying and matching supply and demand
  • Removing obstacles
  • Offering space
  • Labour market policy
  • Procurement / tendering
  • Identifying business partners. Assisting foreign parties in finding Dutch business partners on CE aspects;
  • CoP
  • Financing tools
  • Granting of permits
3. High-quality, specialist regional knowledge infrastructure

Cities offer a high-quality, specialist regional knowledge infrastructure (examples: CleanTech, FoodValley, GreenPort, universities, etc.).

Dutch cities as international partner

The Netherlands offers an attractive international establishment climate for organisations and companies wishing to contribute to the circular transition.

Dutch cities and businesses are keen to share their knowledge and are open to cooperation with companies, governments and knowledge institutions to bring about this transition.

  • We have the knowledge and experience
  • We need each other to start the transition
  • CE is an international playing field

Naoual Loiazizi presented in Gotenburg the Circulaire Stad