Circular City

Welcome to the Circular City. This city combines 18 trial projects, and represents an important step towards the Circular Netherlands in 2050. In 2016, this programme by the Dutch government represented a positive and daring ambition to have structured the Dutch economy to be fully circular at the latest by 2050. This is essential if we are to make sure that now and in the future, there are sufficient resources for everyone. Against that background, businesses, trade unions, government authorities, nature conservation and environmental organisations, knowledge institutes, financial institutions and many other social organisations in the Netherlands have already signed the Grondstoffenakkoord (Resources Agreement).

Circulaire gebiedsontwikkeling Binckhorst, Den Haag Circulaire gebiedsontwikkeling Buiksloterham, Amsterdam Circulaire bouw Hof van Cartesius, Utrecht Circulaire gebiedsontwikkeling Rotterdam Central District, Rotterdam Samenbrengen Circulaire coalities, Den Haag Over de Circulaire Stad Circulaire bouw Green House, Utrecht Samenbrengen circulair Grondstoffencollectief, Almere Circulaire gebiedsontwikkeling Frederik Hendrik Kazerne, Venlo Samenbrengen circulaire ontwikkeling Leerpark, Dordrecht Circulaire gebiedsontwikkeling Lincoln Park, Haarlemmermeer Circulaire gebiedsontwikkeling Nieuw Kralingen, Rotterdam Circulaire gebiedsontwikkeling Schiphol Trade Park, Haarlemmermeer Circulaire bouw Stadskantoor, Venlo Circulaire bouw Upcycle centrum, Almere centrum Samenbrengen circulaire Westas, Amsterdam Circulaire herstructurering Wielwijk, Dordrecht Circulaire herstructurering De Parken, Apeldoorn Circulaire herstructurering De Maten, Apeldoorn

Numerous circular initiatives are already underway in the Netherlands. As a result, both cities and businesses have a great deal of knowledge and expertise, which will be important in bringing about a circular economy in the future. Cooperation is essential in expanding this knowledge and ensuring it is made widely available. In the future, this process will help make the Netherlands an international hotspot for knowledge and expertise in respect of circular developments. Partly for that reason, 9 municipalities, three Ministries and three knowledge partners signed the City Deal Circular City on 11 November 2016.